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User defined encyption

User defined encyption

We do not provide encryption :P but this provides users options to customize the encryption using their own prefered encryption tool

Verified Users

Only numbers registered on Chatpit and existing in the contact list are able to contact

Versatile chat

Create chat rooms and chat the way you want. Not only text but other media files are also supported

Extra annonymity

Chat rooms are assigned names pseudo randomly adding an extra layer of annonymity

We Believe that Interior beautifies the Total Architecture

This app is powered by Firebase.So you can feel safe as your data is protected by Firebase's privacy policy and we garuntee your data is safe with us.

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Chat security in your hands

We removed chat encryption to provide you with the power of choosing your your encryption tool. Use something as simple as caesar cipher,affine cipher or go pro with RSA or blowfish.Check out more ...

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Pricing Table

We at Chatpit believe apps should have one and only one price that is they should be free

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Latest News

The latest news for Chatpit

29 January, 2019

App developement started

While surfing came to see about simcoder.Started developement of app

26 February, 2019

Beta phase begins

Finally we reach beta phase. App rolled out to specific users and tested for errors and debugged.

3 March, 2019

App rollout begins

Finally the app is launched.

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