I am Subrata Sarkar, an computer science graduate interested in open source and Research in Artificial General Intelligence .
He is an Ex-Wiproite with experience in delivering fixes for automations related to sustaining Axway SecureTransport.
At present, he is pursuing Masters in Computer Science and Engineering from NIT Durgapur.


He started his journey as a game developer in late 2016. But he reallized my games were limbos void of any real adversarial experience that we got through games like chess. Then he started experimenting with speech recognition and later slowly started exploring AI and meeting up with great ideas like A* Pathfinding, Agent Behaviour Trees, and more. And That's when he met Deep Neural Networks and passion burned in his core. However that it is not an easy job so he tries his best to improve his skills being a Medium bookworm and doing some course once in a while.

Python Developer

As a Python Developer, he enjoys simplyfying and atomating boring stuff as well as designing new neural architechtures that recognizes patterns in the data, placing special attention on better optimizations and perfect hyperparameters.

Languages I Speak:


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PandasKERASTENSORFLOWNUMPYmatplotlib djangoflaskmySQL


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Personal Projects

While pursuing my career, I work on some personal projects. Here are a few examples of some which are completed:

About Me

Hi!! I am Subrata, a year old. I was always curiously interested in technology. I still remember when I was a kid and my relatives used to ask me what I wanna do for the living which I used to answer "study computers". But, I’m not all screens and keyboards. I love storytelling, philosophy and art and crafts . In 2016 python came in my life and it changed everything.It gave me wings and I started my journey into Computer Science.

Let's get in touch

Need anything built, want to work together or simply want to have a chat? Drop me an e-mail at subrotosarkar32@gmail.com and I will reply to you soon!

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